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Screened Porch Design and Installation

Our porch designs provide the transition between living inside and living outside using features like knee walls, replaceable screen panels, open ceilings, and outdoor ceiling fans.

How does material choice affect cost?

Pressure Treated Lumber - most cost effective product at intial installation. The maintenance requires the deck to be stained annually.

South American Lumber Species (Ipé) - about 3 times the price of pressure treated lumber and equal staining requirements. This product has a much tighter grain and does not splinter as easy even after years of sun exposure.

No Care Decks - about double the price of pressure treated lumber. These products do not require staining or other maintenance.

Combinations of these different materials are often used for decks and handrails.

Sustainable Products and Practices

All of the lumber that we use to build our decks and porches is sourced to conform to the highest level practices of sustainability with careful attention to rain forest deforestation, grass roots economy and use of recycled material.